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Chris Martin's Shirt


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Alright, this is an odd question, I know...and I'm not quite sure if this is the appropriate board for this, but I need help! I've seen Chris Martin wear this shirt a few times, and I think it's a really cool looking shirt. It's kind of oxford style, with a kind of high banded collar (but definitely not a traditional banded collar). Here's a few pictures:





Does anyone know where I can get a shirt that's darn near close to this? I've been looking everywhere, and I can't seem to get close. All the banded collars I've looked at are kind of buddhist monk style...Hah.


Thanks for the help if you have any.

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This is kinda like it, but blue and expensive http://www.asos.com/Junk-De-Luxe/Junk-De-Luxe-Stripe-Inverted-Collar-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=169073&cid=3602&clr=grey&sh=0




Here's another one, but again stupidly expensive.




You should be looking for an 'Inverted Collar' shirt, I think :)

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Yeah, that striped one especially seems to fit what I'd be looking for fairly closely. I looked a little bit more into the inverted collar shirts, but it seems they're a rare find...I couldn't find it in the charcoal color that Chris is in. Thanks for the tip, though, I'll keep looking. :)

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