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  1. wow still not to a million? the things people do for fun 65428
  2. You're such a buzz kill, let her suck the damn straw already
  3. Good idea. I would start with some nice slow caressing to try and get him started, then have at it from there. :dozey:
  4. her mouth is wide open for you, nick. :wacko:
  5. aww no, that sucks. :( what kind of pet?
  6. Popsicles shoot puffs of snow? Where can I find such things
  7. Oh yeah now we're talking I wanna lick it
  8. Alright I'm not going to touch this with a 10 foot pole, or maybe I will. A lot.
  9. here i am with my champion belts
  10. Yeah I can see the struggle there. I'm glad I was able to assist you with the right stimulation to get your motor up and running again.
  11. It'll probably feel a lot better being plugged into a person instead
  12. Actually it would help by plugging it into some sort of outlet.
  13. Actually you'd be very surprised, or well.. maybe you wouldn't.
  14. I mean the kind where I can play with some type of joystick.
  15. Did you lie about being a loser? ohhh
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