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viva la vida (single) download ??


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is there anywhere i can find a download for the viva la vida (track not album)?


i don't want to use file sharing or torrents (if that's possible because i don't really understand or like the sound of them!)


i did manage to find a download for violet hill (somewhere, can't remember now or found it again since) because i was fed-up waiting for my email from the offical website.



hope that makes some sort of sense!!!! LOL

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Oh my! No answer to that question yet? Read this post about 24 hours ago just about to go to sleep. Did wondered the same, but couldn't bother to post anything. "Will have the answer tomorrow." I thought. But nope! Nothing. Surely someone is able to give us any clues! Anyways! I'm very happy that someone made it possible for me to download Lost?. It's a gorgeous little piece of music and me like a lot! :)

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