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Coldplay: did they stop talking with each other??


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Hey mates:


I have just read this on the most heard spanish music radio station web http://www.los40.com:



--Coldplay no se hablaba:

Menos mal que el nuevo disco les ha unido. Antes han reconocido que se dejaron de hablar. Brian Eno les volvió a unir.“La situación en la que nos encontrábamos dos años atrás era algo desagradable. No nos hablábamos"--


Translation into english:

--Coldplay stopped talking with each other:

At least the new album has united them. Some time before they have confirmed that they stopped talking with each other. Brian Eno united them again: "The situation in which we where two years ago was a a bit unconfortable. We did not talk with each other".


http://www.los40.com/actualidad/noticias.html (this link may be just available for 1 or 2 days)




What do you think about this? Is this the reason why they wanted to take a long time before releasing new stuff?


I would like to say not, but if it's true: wtf with them????? lol

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