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Viva La Vida Tour: Find a Coldplayer


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I've stolen an idea from the rugby messageboard I visit. When we went to Twickenham for the Premiership Final, we created a seating list so we knew if there were any board members seated near by.


I've started doing this on the UK tour threads where people have posted details, but I'm quickly losing track coz you lot post so darned much & so darned fast :P And I've no idea where to start with the rest of the world!! :shocked2:


If you check out the first post with Ian's list of questions on your relevant show page, you'll see if I've added you. example of one i've done here If not, please PM your block number, venue & show date and I'll add you :D


My dream is that every show will have a seating plan like that so you can pre-plan.

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