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Don't want to follow the critics and all his friends


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they have interests obviously some of them are cowards when they know its safe they give 5 stars like they did with X & Y. So dont read the opinion of 45 years old musicians wanna be's. they have a mainstream opinion of all the music and its seems like a new kind of sport hating coldplay. Its easy to hate the biggness or something cause they cover behind their desks.Being a critic its not even a job maybe they love to smoke pot and they think they are geniouses.and what they think they are? they believe they are Bob Dylan lets ask him what he thinks not a bastard,mainstream motherfucker critic.so the best opinion of something its the first maybe the second but no more if you get tired to listen something its because your fault .i can tell this cause this happened to me i cant listen AROBTTH anymore BECAUSE OF ME!!.But i know the album its one of the best but my first listen was what really matters the same as i feel with VlV. VLV AND AROBTTH are their best albums the only differences is that for me AROBTTH have more weak tracks than VLV.

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