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  1. this reviewer thinks the same as i do about the album i love all the songs.
  2. this song contains the magic of coldplay maybe it has elements of arcade fire (i dont see any) and maybe julian casablanca but the brand its coldplay where the magic is 11/10.
  3. 1. birds 2. amazing day 3. army of one 4. Everglow 5. AOL 6. Up & Up 7. Fun 8. HFTW 9. kaleidoscope/ colour spectrum 10. X marks the spot
  4. gus


    i find the chris martin vocals superb. i think that some people need to focus on the emotions that a singer give to their audience not if its perfect or not. Thats why i like it so much if you arent agree go listen adele or rihanna. chris sounds very emotional in this song you can hear how desperate is he. the song 10/10.
  5. just fucking stupid sorry but that is what comes to my mind when i read the reviews.
  6. gus

    Ink - your review

    Awesome this song deserves 10/10 one of the best songs with O.
  7. nice song i give it 9/10 so upbeat song is nice to hear it in the album this make me think how versatile is coldplay.
  8. gus

    True Love

    nice song one of the best of the album my score 9/10.
  9. I personally dont believe critics they are so cynical i wont believe any of the ratings even if they are positive because this people are frustrated musicians so i dont care.
  10. Round one: Always In My Head Round two: True Love Round three: Ink Round four: FixYou Round five: A Sky Full Of Stars Round six: Midnight Round seven: Another's Arms Round eight: A message Round nine: Low Round ten: Ghost Story Round eleven: O Round twelf: Atlas Round thirteen: Til kingdom come I think its unfair to compare extra songs with the songs that were part of an album. GS+atlas: 9 X&y: 4 there is no way to x&y be better than GS.... at least for me.
  11. 1. Ink 10 2. O 10 3. True love 10 4. Always in my head 10 5. ASFOS 10 6. Another's arms 9 7. Midnight 8 8. Magic 8 9. Oceans 5
  12. 1. Always in my head (all the way) 2. Magic 3. Ink (tough) 4. True love (all the way) 5. ETIAW 6. Another's arms 7. Oceans 8. ASFOS 9. O GS: 8 MX : 1 wtf i just realized with this that parachutes is better than MX (it was more dificult i have to change my ranks)
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