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Protesters target M6 next


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MOTORCYCLISTS who brought parts of Greater Manchester's motorway to a standstill with a fuel protest have got the M6 in their sights for the next demonstration.


About 500 bikers caused three lanes of the M62 and M60 to be closed to allow their convoy to crawl along at 15mph.


A series of police road blocks set up on slip roads along the route prevented commuters from getting onto the motorways until the convoy had passed.


Today police said some of the 20 trucks also involved in the protest had broken an agreement to stick to an agreed speed and could face possible prosecution.


But the bikers stuck to the deal and travelled from Birch Services to Salford Quays without incident.


Stewart Sager, organiser of the bikers' convoy said: "The turnout was very impressive. Everyone on it I spoke to said it was safe, legal, and ran smoothly.


"The M6 is a target for the campaign, and given time we would like to organise something else.


"We have had a very positive reaction from the public and this was organised in just three days. The government must reduce tax on all fuel and bring the cost of living down for the general public."


Frank O'Grady, a biker from Liverpool who joined the protest, said: "It was a peaceful demonstration and we just wanted to get the message across to the government that feelings are strong and not just us but truckers and taxi drivers too.


"I think demonstrations like this will grow and grow and spread to other cities - there is talk of a rally in London."




Another biker said: "Converging on London from all over the country is the answer to make the government really sit up. The police in Manchester were helpful but had everything under control - there needs to be an element of surprise."


Greater Manchester Police said yesterday's protest, which had started at 8.30am and lasted about an hour, did cause some disruption, but it was minimized thanks to planning by the Highways Agency, Salford council, and GMP.


In a statement GMP said: "Unfortunately the small number of HGV drivers caused some added disruption after failing to comply with the agreement.


"Despite being briefed by police of what was expected of them, and what was agreed with organisers, a number of HGV drivers broke off from the group of demonstrators and drove at an unacceptably slow speed.


"They were stopped on the M602, given warnings and dispersed. GMP has gathered evidence and will consider any appropriate action in consultation with the relevant authorities.


Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: "We worked with our partner agencies to make as many motorists, businesses and residents aware of this planned demonstration as possible.


"The vast majority of those taking part have expressed their views in a way that was agreed with police, that was safe for motorists and that caused minimum disruption.


"We are disappointed that a small number of other demonstrators let them down and acted in an unacceptable way, causing added disruption to some drivers."


Meanwhile the Road Haulage Association is pressing ahead with plans for a mass lobby of Parliament early in July.


This will be timed to coincide with the SNP amendment to the current Finance Bill seeking the introduction of a Fuel Duty Regulator designed to stabilise fuel prices.


RHA chief executive Roger King, said: "To have an impact we need to get directly involved with a parliamentary process that will confront government face to face so that they have to answer publicly as to what they propose to do. Fortunately this amendment promises to do just that".


The Fuel Duty Regulator would result in an automatic freeze on fuel duty increase if world oil prices rose above levels forecast by the Chancellor and a parallel reduction in fuel duty to match the extra revenue from VAT from higher pump prices.




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These people should be stopped, they nearly brought the UK to total anarchy in 2000 2-3 more days… there would have been serve riots as there was no food.. And with people not going to work no money… they are a fret to national security


What we should go for is regime change in the US and the UK and all the worlds problems will be solved. Lets get rid of the 2 party dictatorship..

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