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  1. wow this place is still going. !!! 12 years later. I sincerely hope everyone is good, is anyone still around
  2. I was just thinking this as I was going back though this page of this thread, Black Mirror is one the very best things ever. So many good episodes here. NArcos is pretty good as well.. I am saving myself for the 3rd series until next year so I can watch series 4 as well not long after. netflix is quite amazing for me as a lot of the old stuff I have not seen before so it all seems new to me. ç
  3. not seen the series but the book is quite amazing
  4. House MD depending on what country your in , is well worth it if you not seen it before.
  5. Hey people thanks for taking your time. Yes , I admit my statement about I hope Chris wakes up without a voice, " was something I could have put in a another way, sorry for it, if anyone was offended. I will check out the oldies thread see if I can find oldies so we can have a right bitch about now and reminisce the old golden days. In my time I've met several coldplayers in different countries one led to a total change in my life in fact. I am sure you all understand and some point my love for cokdplay knew no bounds..and I think on an emotive level I've come out with these sentiment
  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time to understand my rant.
  7. Well cheers for that.. I did not expect such a response. I thought I would be accused of trolling. I will check it out, hope to find some oldies.
  8. I have been a member on this message board for 13 years. COLDPLAY were a group I really liked until they become complete and utter sell outs. Since the Viva la vida album they don’t play instruments. Can anyone defend them anymore. Been to 6 of their concerts. 3 in Manchester 3 In Barcelona I even ended up moving from the UK to Barcelona due to meeting someone on here. I am so disappointed with the group. Hope Chris martin … wakes up one day without a voice. Complete and utter sellout he is.
  9. MUSE ROCK ALWAYS !! Please enjoy http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ewh8q9/acts/am6wxj#b05x8dsx Full Concert !
  10. its alive the pub is still alive... yea...
  11. just checking hope the people ok
  12. They never wanted City ! We are the highest scores in Europe at the moment... City are blazing a trail not only in the Premier League but across Europe, too. With 72 goals in all competitions so far this campaign, the Blues are on course for the best goals haul in the Club's history. More impressively, in the top European domestic leagues, City have out-scored Euro powerhouses Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris St Germain with 47 from 16 games - just one goal shy of exactly three strikes every game. Taking in La Liga, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the Premier Lea
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