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I am not a snake handler.

The Mad Hatter

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Well uh...most snakes aren't poisonous, so the one that bit him probably wasn't.


Even a really nutty snake handler would go to the hospital if a poisonous snake bit him...otherwise, he'd be a dead snake handler. And I don't mean he would handle dead snakes.

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They're Pentecostal Christians.


Awww, man, there's West Virginians on there...the only time we're on TV is when they wanna make us look crazy!



Same with Virginia! :stunned:

I was watching this comedy stand-up special and the comedian was like, "Yeah, I was down south, in virginia..." and I was like "Oh fuck." :laugh3:

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It's like we're not even real states, we're only in existence when somebody wants to make fun of us.


At least you're in the "real" Virginia. Whenever West Virginians call up on television shows or whatever, or there's something about WV on the news, they always call us Virginia. Or western Virginia. :disappointed:

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