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So you picked up Coldplay’s new album on Tuesday and love it just as much as the other 700K people out there do…but you want more. Now we’re giving you the chance to score a one of a kind COLDPLAY prize pack


We are proud to launch the first VIVA LA VIDA online contest! Post the following VIVA LA VIDA banners everywhere for your chance to be one of the top online reps for COLDPLAY and win one of these great prizes!


#1 – The Teamer who generates to most impressions gets a Coldplay Military Style Jacket, Coldplay Hat, Customized Coldplay mp3 skin, a copy of VIVA LA VIDA and 300 points!


#2 – The next 5 Teamers who generate the most impressions get a a copy of VIVA LA VIDA and 150 points!


It’s that easy. The more banners you post, the more impressions you will generate. Be the one to get the MOST IMPRESSIONS and win! Track your progress against the other members on the COLDPLAY leaderboard and know where you stand! You will also need to upload a minimum of 5 screenshots to be eligible to win.


Cheating, hacking, uploading of bogus screen shots, etc… will be NOT tolerated!!


If you have any questions, just email [email protected]. Make sure everyone knows COLDPLAY’S “VIVA LA VIDA” is in stores now!!





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