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New tricks on VLVODAAHF?

Death Hill

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Chris mentioned that they're ditching some old tricks and trying to come up with some new tricks, what are ones you noticed on the new album? When they use Chris's extended singing notes towards the end of songs like "Lost!" or "Viva la Vida", is what I noticed. Those are some of my favorite parts of those songs so that trick is working for me. In "Lost!" in particular they made it really subtle and I didn't even notice it until they sang it live on the Daily Show (and comedy central cut it off:veryangry2: )


What other new tricks have you noticed on this album?

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A lot of Eno's criticism's were correct. The main "trick" I saw in X&Y (the thing that gave coldplay a blandish taste for the first time) were songs like "a message" where the chorus kicks in with "the usual" distorted guitar and synth strings. We got this in "what if" , maybe "white shadows" "speed of sound" "a message" "swallowed in the sea". Granted, they have unique guitar structures throughout the chorus. But there's still a steep terrace between the verses and the grandiose "chorus". You could make a whole album with seemingly intense synthy chorus's of the like...but it gets a bit dry and cheap.



In VLV there's less of a barrier between verse and chorus, and while we still have both in the same order...as Chris said, they present it differently. It's refreshing. and less reliance on synths I believe too. granted some major parts have to be backtracked, but the chorus's have a different energy. I think so at least...

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