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Please Try My Album


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"The Celestial Empire"


I really have no musical talent or background knowledge of how to use any instruments, but recently bought a synthesizer and this is the result of three months trying to learn how to put beats and sounds together into listenable music. I would really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to hear some of the preview clips, rate my songs or leave some comments on my artist page. If you really dig the sounds, please download the full 50 minute album for only $5.99. It even comes with the artwork and some pictures of me making the album. If sales go well and I get some encouraging comments, then I will be very pleased to make a second album. If you think its crap, well, I'll still make a second album but I wont bother you again! Thanks very much for your time and support, you will notice Sevendust and other bands in my influences section even though the music is quite different!




Thanks to al CP'ers for all the support!

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