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Radio Hamburg Chart Voting for german fans


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Sorry in case this thread is posted in the wrong subforum or in case it's not required to post voting links here at all.


My local radio station runs a weekly chartshow and listeners are asked to vote for their 5 favourite tracks (of course you can vote for less than 5 tracks).


I am pointing this out because this week, both 'Viva La Vida' (still at No. 7) and 'Lost!' (as a new nomination) are in this chart and it would be great to have these songs in the Top 10 next week.




After selecting your personal faves, you have to click on 'abstimmen' and fill out the next site with your personal information.

You can win CDs there so I suggest only people from Germany should take part, otherwise I could imagine that the votes will not be counted and even worse, Coldplay may be disqualified?!


So keep it fair and honest!



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