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Man's Skin Turns Orange From Drinking CIDER!


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A 47-year-old man has revealed how his skin colour changed to orange due to excessive cider drinking.


Michael Stenning lost his job as a courier and began to drink more than four litres of cider a day. When his two children saw that he was becoming orange, they advised him to seek medical help.


"When they noticed I was turning orange it was the last straw," he told The Telegraph. "I had to do something."


Dr. Sumita Verma, who specialises in alcoholic hepatitis, claimed that Stenning's survival was miraculous: "I have never seen someone as sick as him leave the hospital alive."


Stenning, whose skin is gradually beginning to return to its natural colour since he quit alcohol, added: "I am a miracle case and just so happy to still be alive. I am touched by the continuous support from my family and friends, especially after how I treated them at the time.


"I now want to make up for the years I've lost while drunk."



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