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Hey everyone,


Im super sorry for spamming this but its part of my job. Anyways, I work for a company called EF COLLEGE BREAK (http://www.efcollegebreak.com)


What they do is provide college kids in the united states, and canada (sorry for everyone else) a opportunity to see the entire world on an educational level. I know that sounds boring, but what they do is they run tours all summer long (and new years as well) to basically every country in the world such as ALL of Europe, China, Japan, Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, and many more. Now these tours run anywhere from 1 week (7 days) all the way through 35 days (ultimate Europe). This company gets the best packaged deals as well, and the price on the tour includes EVERYTHING except for food and spending money, but that means it covers round trips airfare, hotels, transfers, entrances to attractions (depending on what city you are in), full time EFCB tour director, and much more!!


Now if you are interested and are between the ages of 18-26 (college age) and you feel like spending next summer '09, new years eve '10, and summer of '10 overseas. Then please email me back with any questions or concerns!! This company DOES get the BEST packaged prices. Also since I am a CM (Campus Manager) for them, I have a special code that if you use it when you book a trip (which only costs $150 dollars, and then you can take up until 60 days prior to your departure date to pay it off) that gets you a awesome discount on the trip itself, depending on how big the trip is.


So please, please, please checkout the website http://www.efcollegebreak.com and checkout their trips for this summer and next summer '10 and email me back or message me through here with any questions!


And remember, you can use my special code to get a discount! And also remember to invite your friends with you as well!





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