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What Does This Mean?!


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Hey guys


so i didnt know if i should put this in the international thread or here...

butt basically.. theres this hindi song, thats beginning bit is in another language.. and i REALLY wanna know what it means.. i've googled it and asked around and havent figured it out..


i thought that it was arabic at first but i asked my friend and he said it wasnt. And i asked a friend that speaks farsi and he said it is turkish!


And then the brilliant idea of asking you guys came to my mind!


The part in another language is up till 40 seconds


[ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=f0jNBtEh7ZQ&feature=related]YouTube - Mar Jawaan - Fashion [New Hindi - 2008][/ame]


I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could tell me what it meant.. i've been dying to know! It sounds so beautiful :)

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