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Right im on abit of a rant. Im a massive fan of coldplay and im sure you all are too and theres no doubt they are the biggest band in the world right now but I was on wikipedia today and i saw every song by oasis had its own page.

Now i no we have wikicoldplay but I think every song by coldplays should have it owns page.

I am terrible with wikipedia but if there is anyone who has time on their hands do they reckon they could start making some articles.


Coldplay are the best- fact and coldplay themselves like perfection so I say we give them perfection and make coldplay dominate wikipedia!!!



Whos with me and whos offering!

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you are right, but i remind you that everyone can edit and create and article on wikipedia.


when i've felt like you about any other artist or personality i've worked on it and edited or created a page myself (or as many pages as the article required).


good idea, but those things need its time.

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