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help.... people... thanks......


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Hey everyone... I'm new. I need help... How do I post a pic under this? Like how almost everyone here as an image.. I'm seeing "insert image right above ^^ but i need the url code from the image. Where do I get the url code? For instance, if i get the image off photobucket or google, how do I get the url code? Thank you in advance....



"So I look in your direction but you pay me no attention do you?"

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what are you trying to post anyway?


usually you can right click on the image & select "Properties". you'll see the full URL for the image then. or if you're using Firefox, you can see an option to "Copy Image Location" when you right click on the image.

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yeah i think he/she is talking about the signature


go to "edit signature" as tauiwi said and insert a picture from your files, you can also type a text with picture :D


welcome btw :nice:

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