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  1. oooh!!! i spy with my little eye...Simon's singing. topless. with a pair of grey jeans/pants. :wink3:
  2. no worries. :) it's common to be confused or mistaken about whether they're Northern Irish or Scotland. even the reviewers/journalists get it wrong. Gary, Jonny & Nathan are from Northern Ireland. & their newest addition Johnny McDaid too. but Pablo & Tom are from Scotland. then add to that the fact that Gary formed the band when he was studying in Scotland & they were based in Glasgow for a while. & these days most of them are based in London. probably easier just to call them "British". ;)
  3. ermmm...to clarify, they aren't actually playing at the Olympics ceremony itself. the event they're going to be part of is a BT organised gig in Hyde Park on the day of the Olympics opening ceremony where there'll be big screens to also watch the opening ceremony. 1 of my colleagues was 1 of the first to point out that technically Snow Patrol aren't 100% Northern Irish...funnily enough. since he is the last person in the office (or even the world!) i would've expected to know this. haha & technically speaking still, because of SP in a way, Scotland are represented twice ;) (officiall
  4. "mkII" usually refers to the 2nd version of something...so i suppose he means the 2nd version of Editors now that they are less 1 band member. i could be wrong tho.
  5. if you're buying it just because of COITD, then just bear in mind that the other songs don't sound like COITD. maybe check out the other songs online, like watching the music video or posted audio, video, gigs (some of the songs have been played live already) stuff first?
  6. they will. i'm 99.9% sure of it. they've played it at all their live/full gigs in the UK so far (i.e. Shepherd's Bush, Q Awards) & always as the closer of the main set. & it is AMAZING live! :dance: :dance: :dance: In The End is the 3rd single in UK/Europe & i think the rest of the world also, but in the US it's New York.
  7. i saw Jamie N Commons supporting Snow Patrol for the Q Awards Show & the guy's got a great bluesy voice. he was the 1st support act, but clearly stole the show from the 2nd support act (RAMS Pocket Radio) as just about everyone was talking about him after the gig. his stuff's got quite an Americana feel to it tho, so we were quite surprised when he told some Americans who'd asked where he's from that he's local, i.e. a Londoner! (on top of the fact that most of us thought that "Jamie N Commons" is the name of a band) :dozey: Michael Kiwanuka was 1 of the support acts at Chris & Jon
  8. i'm from Malaysia...which is near enough to Singapore (which i did live & work in for a while). i'm not going as i'm now based in UK, but i think my sis is going. we 1st saw them live in Malaysia headlining the MTV World Stage...tho i think the M'sian crowd kinda scared the lads off. Serge wrote a rather weird & kinda sarcastic comment in the West Ryder tour programme about the experience from that gig. :dozey: i wouldn't blame him, tbh...most of the crowd were actually there for the band just before them (The All-American Rejects). :rolleyes: i love AAR too, but i feel for Kasabian
  9. *lol* i'm fairly sure i made that face too... :P ...& this face (but not at a chameleon in a pink dress!)
  10. i've taken to referring to this alternate video as the "Gary fan service version". i could sit & stare at his face all day, but as a music video i prefer the original video. BUT if i'm ever in the mood to sit & stare away at nothing/nobody except Gary.............................. :sneaky:
  11. Bradley Quinn...he has like THE best job ever!!! :D & if this "supergroup" shot was his idea, then HE THE MAN! :wacky:
  12. can't wait too...to see the lads again + properly meet you this time! you're gonna love the new album's songs live! :D :dance: ahahahaha...yeah! that spare has your name practically printed on it already...& to quote another Star Wars line...or 2... (cos it's a very SP thing... ;p): it is your destiny! :sneaky: join me (& Aurelie) & together, we will rule the galaxy as Polar Teddies! :P i was there once for Boyzone (yeah yeah...i'm a fan of them. so there. :P) last February actually (oh, wait! this is my "it is your destiny" moment! :stunned: ) & it's a massive ven
  13. ^^ THIS!!! :D just a few more hours...i have the leak, but i'm trying very hard to still hold out until the arrival of my physical copy too. tho FE is Zane Lowe's 'Record of the Week' & he played a few songs off the record, including 1 not played at the gigs (In The End), so i kinda have heard most of the album already by now. :P & can't wait to watch the DVD of the Reworked Tour gig at RAH...even tho i wasn't at that specific gig. but it's always great to have some reminder of that tour (my 1st SP gig & the day i met 4/5 of them...& fell in love with the lads! haha :wack
  14. say whaaaaaat??? still no word on when mine's shipping to me!!! :bigcry: & album the listening party is tonight! ...a wee bit gutted that there was no London venue/date, but then Fallen Empires is unleashed to all on Monday anyway. :dozey:
  15. ^^ for the DVD...should it be region locked...you can always watch it on a computer using VLC Player. it will play all region DVDs w/o you needing to use up your preciously limited region change allowance. having unwittingly heard a few of the new songs already (kinda hard not to listen to them when they play the songs at their gigs... ;) ), definitely am excited for the album! & how time flies! it's out next week...SQUEEEE!!! :dance: was great to see the interviews they did for the EMAs...Gary & Nathan were clearly very happy & excited for Belfast in the weekend leading to
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