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for anyone missing a postponed show...

Dusty RUSHian

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...they *will* make it up to you!


newbie on this board...i've been looking around on a laggy comp to find the right place to post this, so you might have to move it...


i saw them at hartford this past saturday night.


chris was MORE than apologetic for the last time they were there and he obviously felt cruddy for having the band/him put on a not-so-perfect show last time they were there. i had never heard of coldplay back at that time, so i have no idea how "bad" it was". but he brought up the subject more than once during the show, and said they'd make it up to the crowd.......and did they ever.


i'm 42 and a new coldplay fan thanks to my sons. this could have been the best and funnest show i've been to yet.


you folks have already posted a lot of reviews, and i wasn't posting to say anything about how terrific the show was, but to reassure those who are missing out because of tonite. i simply don't want them to think they'll be forgotten about.


apparently, an occasion such as this is well remembered by these gentlemen. i know a cancelled/ppnd show can be a pain in the ass because of the expectations and arrangements made to get there. but i feel 100%certain they are aware of it. they even thanked everyone, even those in the "cheap seats", for the time and money and effort they made to go to the show, given "real life such as it is" these days.


thanks to coldplay for a most awesome, fun, and sonically mind-blowing show.

just thanks. i needed that! LOL


.......aaaaaand, that's all i wanted to say! :)

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