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The Cat Commandments


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1. Thou Shalt Not Take Any Notice Of Thy Human Unless It Has Food Or A Comfy Lap At Which Point:

2. Thou Shalt Do Thy Utmost To Trip Them Up And Melt Their Hearts With Cuteness.

3. Thou Shalt Do What Pleases You Always.

4. Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Litter Box Unless It causes Undue Stench And Extreme Inconvenience.

5. Thou Shalt Use 90% Of Thy Humans Bed When Sleeping And Foul All The Furniture With Thy Hair.

6. Thou Shalt Do Thy Utmost To Perform Death-Defying Stunts, But Hide The Second A Stranger Enters Your Abode.

7. Thou Shalt Not Kill Thy Human, Regardless Of How Ignorant They May Be.

8. Thou Shalt Go Forth And Multiply The Number Of Hairballs In The House

9. Thou Shalt Always Rejecteth Food Under $3.95

10. Thou Shalt Always Remember That Thou Are the Superior Species.




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