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Glass Of Water piano interlude.


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I've got alot of questions about the Glass Of Water piano interlude.

There are some tutorials on Youtube but none of them are exact how Chris plays it.


And because I'm a person that want's to play the songs exact like they're doing I've written it out.


The official sheetmusic in combination with some Youtube tutorials are very close in combination.

However it is better to have it on one sheet and audio preview.


It's transcribed from the LeftRightLeftRightLeft CD recording of Glass Of Water.


SHEETMUSIC: http://www.stuff4all.nl/coldplaysheets/pm/GOWinterlude.pdf


AUDIO: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L0HW5W7L


TIP: Take your time learning it, it's not easy to play this right.

Start slowly with the left hand only and after that the right hand slowly.

Play now both hands very slowly and try it faster every 10 minutes of playing at the same tempo.

if you do that right you can learn it in one day. But it's best to give it a week.


Have fun learning!

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