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Scaredy cat?


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The mouse that roared: Real-life Tom and Jerry display sees rodent chase away prowling pussycat



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:06 PM on 29th September 2009



The tiny mouse stands proudly on its hind legs, stares defiantly into the eyes of the cat just inches away and lets out its loudest squeak.


Stunned at the bravado of its would-be prey the prowling pusscat meekly slinks off, tail between its legs.

This was the real-life Tom and Jerry scene which greeted Wendy Rothwell in her backyard in Swavesey, Cambs recently.



article-1216864-069FE995000005DC-782_634x490.jpg A whisker away: The cat and mouse tentatively size each other up


article-1216864-069FEB88000005DC-776_634x399.jpg Scaredy-cat: The tiny field mouse stands its ground against its larger opponent

In a display reminiscent of the famous cartoon cat and mouse, the tiny rodent turned into the mouse that roared after the cat ventured too near its home.







The field mouse stood up and squeaked at the cat despite being just a whisker away from death.



article-1216864-069FECBA000005DC-806_634x381.jpg Mighty mouse: The tiny creature struts away after staring down the cat


The fearless rodent proved he was no scaredy-cat as he astonishingly squared up to his large opponent and refused to budge - giving a new slant to the game of cat and mouse.


'It was incredible, the little mouse stood up and seemed to be roaring at the cat,' said Mrs Rothwell, 45.




article-1216864-069FF53C000005DC-34_634x452.jpg Cat and mouse: The popular cartoon Tom and Jerry focused on Tom the housecat's numerous but unsuccessful attempts to capture Jerry the mouse

'The cat was much bigger than him and could have killed him at any moment but he didn't seem to care.

'He seemed to be prepared to do anything to protect his home. He must be the bravest field mouse in the country.'

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