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Snakes Alive!!


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The suburban snake charmer: Grandmother fills her home with 45 slithering reptiles



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:13 PM on 01st October 2009




One snake would be too much for most people, but for Sue Coleman, even 45 are not enough.

Unlike other ladies her age, the 60-year-old grandmother is not interested in bingo or knitting, preferring to spend quality time with her slithery friends.

Sue, AKA Snakey Sue, and her snakes enjoy pottering around at her house together, much to the amusement of neighbours in Leytonstone, east London.


Enlarge article-1217399-06A7868E000005DC-893_468x349.jpg Unconventional: the snakes lives with Sue in her east London home




"I love them, they make such good pets, as long as people can care for them properly," she said.

Over the past 17 years, Sue has turned her home in a quiet residential street into a living zoo, with pythons, hognose snakes, corn snakes and barley snakes, which she often rescues from people who don't know how to care for them.

She said: "It started with a couple of corn snakes I brought 12 years ago.


Enlarge article-1217399-06A78792000005DC-587_224x323.jpg

Enlarge article-1217399-06A7872C000005DC-645_224x323.jpg



Quite a handful: Sue Coleman's snakes are not quite as cuddly as the average pet



"I went to find out more about them and became fascinated by snakes. Before I know it I had ten, then twenty, and it just carried on."

The snake addict admits she still wants more to add to her collection.

Her most recent acquisition is a 10-foot Albino Python named Ra and Sue says the only thing that will slow her down is a lack of space.

But she spends a fortune each week on dead mice to feed her massive brood.

"My electricity bills are huge because of all the lighting used for their tanks," she added.

Sue even works with her snakes, dancing with them as part of her belly dancing entertainment act.

Although she understands snakes make most people shudder, she keen to help people conquer their fears.

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