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Lab Mate (a parody)


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words by me, tune to F*g Hag by Lily Allen


I like heating atoms

And you like cold fusion

I want to be your experiment

And for you my conclusion


This brain cell cemetery's a quark too small

For our brilliance and minds

People who look at us are

Too simple to see

The chemistry that binds


Chorus (2x)

I can be your lab mate,

If you'd be my guy

Together we can do tests

Until our lab lights die


Dear, you are a hominid

Among paramecium

We go to classes at the same grade

But we share our own phylum


Just tell me if my own velocity

Is too much for your mass

'Cause a person I dated

Moved at the speed of sound

And our bond didn't last


Chorus x4



Written for 2 very special people at my school. ;)

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