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Journey diary - My trip to see Coldplay at Wembley 2009. Part 2: Spending time in London


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Journey diary - My trip to see Coldplay at Wembley 2009

Written by: Julie (Juliejulle), Photos by: Sanne and Julie


This diary is an open letter about my exciting week before going to Coldplay’s finale concert on the Viva la Vida tour, taking place at Wembley Stadium in the UK… It started with me being depressed at monday for not going to see Coldplay at Wembley stadium, since it was the last show on the Viva tour. Then thuesday night I suddenly won two tickets to see Coldplay on Saturday night. Wooaaw!... At first I thought that I was dreaming, but it was all real. In the end it turned out to be me and a friend’s journey from Denmark to England. A journey with the pleasures of meeting nice people, spending time with the posh people, meeting a very strange boy, seeing other Coldplayers, seeing butterflies, finding a red Ferrari, making fun and experincing strange things... After I got home I decided that I too must add some words about how it is to be home after such trip... This is my story:


Part 2.: Spending time in London

September 19th:


Allright second part.... In the first part of The Journey diary I was following up all the funny and strange things that happened as me and my friend traveled from Denmark to England. I ended part 1 by telling you that Sanne and I had arrived to Heathrow airport and I had been a bit silly and... no, I think I must call it very silly!.. Anyway, here is what happened after I had been foolish:... When I had become my better self again, we laughed a lot at the situation and then it was time to get through Heathrow airport. We walked a bit with our friend Aika and had a nice chat with her, before we were supposed to go in different directions.. It was time to say goodbye to her again..


"Where are everybody?!?": Sanne and I walked some more inside Heathrow airport and got to the arrival hall. We noticed that there was almost cero persons in the airport besides ourselves... We thought it was very strange and asked ourselves "Where are everybody?!?"..... :confused::thinking:

Check out the photo... Don't you think it looks deserted?: http://www.twitpic.com/lu6ix


We got the answer to our question as we got to a tube station - Here they all were! :dozey: The number of people there also meant that it took enormously time and it was hot like hell to stand in the queue to get some information about the train tickets... Aww, it was awful! :wreck: I know Sanne is smiling on the photo, but it was a try of looking more positiv.. :laugh3: http://www.twitpic.com/lu1ke


... food?: After it succeded us in getting through the queue, we got on some trains until we arrived to the station according to our plans. At this point we were soooo hungry and thirsty... :sick: It had been many hours since we last had some food or drinkable stuff. So the first thing we wanted to do, was to go on a hunt for something to eat/drink. We asked some people on the street if they could help us to by telling us if there where any restaurents or fastfood restaurant in the near area. I must say this was very good help (If I'm being ironic). The first 2 or 3 pairs of people we asked didn’t even speak english. :blank: :wtf: The next we asked could tell us that there was no restaurant, but a gas station with a shop, just a little way down the street. We thought that we would become not pleased, but satisfied with what ever they had to offer of edible and drinkable stuff. Sanne bought a coke and I bought a can of Pringles. I would for a million times had prefered something else, but it was good enough for me just then :pleased:


So.. where to sleep?: Then we went on a hunt to find our hostel – and that wasn’t an easy hunt either! We went back and forth and looked for the housenumber on the street were it is and apparently this street is very long! The first halfhour or hour was the only thing we spotted a hugh, long, tall, old, red brick wall... an intrance to an old cemetery.... the gas station... a pub.... and houses with numbers that didn’t matched the one we looked for! :confused: At last we found the hostel and found out that we had past it ones on our midnighthour walk... As the second time on our journey, I thought: “Dooh!”... :facepalm:


When we walked into the hostel reception we were “welcomed” with a loud noise of something someone would call music... I thought: "oh no... not this!"... :wreck: (Sanne thought so too...) After getting in touch with the receptionist and with a little talk we agreed that Sanne and I only stayed one night insted of two, and we got a room for ourself insted of a shared female dorm room to sleep in.. :nice: Hah, It helps to complain! :laugh3: The room we got was pretty okay and we go to like the place a little bit anyway :nice: Here is a photo of the part of the room with beds: http://www.twitpic.com/lu5u1


"Cemeteries of London": One of the reasons why we got to like our room a bit, was because it was a charming little room with a shower and a sink in the same room, as what normally is a room for 6 people... hah, actually, it was a rather unattractive place to stay, but I just found that a bit funny... :laugh3: The view... aw, the view was the best part of the room. The view from the window in our room, was the sight of an old cemetery - the one we had walked beside on our long midnight walk. We thought it was a little bit creepy, but also a little bit beautiful with the old sculptures... Furthermore we thought it was a little bit funny and very ironic due to Coldplay’s song “Cemeteries of London”!... We didn’t expect that we actually was going to see the Cemeries of london and from our hostel dorm room...! :laugh3: :lol: Check out the pic we took the next day: http://www.twitpic.com/ltz8z


ZZZzzZZz in London: We got a lot of sleep after we arrived to the hostel... hmm.. I think we got entire 4 hours!!... :o :laugh3: Luckely were fresh this morning, despite the lack of sleep. We went down to get some breakfast at the hostel. Then we were ready to go out and go for adventure in London :dance:


Notting hill and the house with the blue door..:

We started the day of adventure by getting on the tube to Oxford circus. Here we vistited Topshop. Then we took the tube to Notting hill gate to check out the Notting hill area. We had decided to go there, because of the memory of seeing the movie "Notting hill" with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. We thought it could be a bit cool if we could get to see anything that we had seen in the movie.. and one of the things we thought could be nice to see, was if we could find the house with the blue door... I thought... "Is it really there?".. :wacky: When we arrived to Notting hill gate we found out that the view was nonlikely to what we had seen in the movie. What we saw, was a hugh street with a lot of buildings. What we didn’t saw, was a small, calm street with only an old bookstore and a house with a blue door... Which i remember from the movie :laugh3: I thought it was very funny and found it as a nice place to be anyway... :nice: We bought some stuff in a bookstore and went into KFC, were we are sitting right now.


Next - Wembley: Now that Sanne and I have seen a bit of London, then we will go to Wembley next. I can allready predict that I won’t have time to write while I am at wembley... :lol: but I will follow up on being at Wembley and the concerts later on... ;)


I took some pictures on our little trip around London town... Topshop: http://www.twitpic.com/lu6vo, KFC: http://www.twitpic.com/lu2rb and Notting hill: http://www.twitpic.com/lu587 ... I have some more funny ones too, and they will shown a little later :laugh3:

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great read, and love the coldplaying / absolute picture! I must forward that to the guy who gave us the two free tickets! :D


Thank you! :happy2:

Hehe.. Glad to know, that you like the picture :nice:

I will use the picture in Part 3. of the Journey diary:

The story from Wembley ;)


Hehe.. Great that you'll send it to the Absolute radio guy :D

Let me know what he say :laugh3:

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