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A member of the Animal Collective is asking money.....


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....to his fans,to play on a festival.

This dude should be slapped in the face. With his band he's played all over the world and their albums has sold really well,and now he's asking money to play @ a festival ?

This is fuckin ridiculous!


Joshua Dibb, aka Deacon of Animal Collective, has been invited to perform at 2010's Festival in the Desert. The Festival takes place in Essakane, Mali, approximately two hours from Timbuktu.




The Festival provides accommodations, food and transportation once on site, but cannot help in international travel. In order to share the experience of his trip and help cover transportation costs at the same time, Josh would like to show his appreciation to those that help sponsor this trip by offering some unique and very limited items.


While on his trip, Josh will document all the sites and sounds he can. Upon his return, all of his field recordings, writings, drawings, etc... will be collected and made available to those who pledge as a limited edition Book and a limited edition CD.


Any amount is very much appreciated, and we thank you very much for considering to support this project. Who knows where bringing the music of Josh to another country, and allowing him to hear and feel the excitement and passion of the artists and environment of Africa will lead! Josh is ecstatic at being able to share this experience with those who believe in the project. Having you be a part of this trip creates a feeling of community and kinship with fans that cannot easily be put into words.


We would also like to add that the traveling party to the Festival in Desert is comprised of three people and all the costs of international travel, transportation to the desert site, book production costs, CD replication, packaging costs, shipping, layout designer costs, etc... are what make up the financial goal that we are striving for. If there is any money left after these expenses, we plan to donate it to the Festival in the Desert . be well.


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And once he gets there, accommodation, food, and transportation is covered.

Can't he just do a bake sale to raise money or something? Or use some of his own money since he's in a popular band? hmmm


this is what i don't understand,that's why i can't stand this thing

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