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New father chooses FA Cup ticket queue over baby's birth


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New father chooses FA Cup ticket queue over baby's birth



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:39 AM on 08th February 2010




Football fan Vince Reeves was so desperate to see his team play that he risked missing the birth of his first child by staying in a ticket queue as his wife went into labour.

The 32-year-old Southampton supporter and his wife Rebecca, 26, had been waiting in line for 90 minutes when her contractions started.

But, not wanting to miss the FA Cup clash with arch-rivals Portsmouth, he arranged for a friend to take his 26-year-old spouse home to collect an overnight bag.


article-0-08302AFA000005DC-846_468x568.jpg Patience of a Saint: Southampton fans Vince and Rebecca Reeves with daughter Jessica - and the highly-prized FA Cup tickets he risked missing the birth for


Mrs Reeves’ waters broke a further 90 minutes later when she was in the bath – but her husband remained in line as he was only 50 places from the front.

Luckily, he was able to grab the tickets and be by his wife’s side in time for the birth.

Mr Reeves, a Chief Petty Officer onboard HMS Liverpool: ‘I’m a huge Southampton fan but have never been able to see a local derby before because I’ve previously been away on service.

‘When I saw Southampton had drawn Pompey in the FA Cup I was desperate for a ticket. This is the biggest game of our season and the hottest ticket in town.







‘I couldn’t believe it when Rebecca went into labour - of all the times it could of happened, it had to be then.

‘I’ve never queued this long for anything before and didn’t want to lose my place but her contractions became more frequent so I offered to take her home.

‘Thankfully for me she insisted I stayed.’

Mrs Reeves, an assistant bank manager, said: ‘After queuing for so long there was no way we were going to lose out on a match ticket.

‘Vince offered to take me to hospital but I insisted he stay.


article-0-08302D0E000005DC-711_468x327.jpg Golden girl: Baby Jessica dressed in a Southampton outfit donated by the club


‘We kept phoning each other when I left the stadium. It was like a mad race - he was checking my progress and I was checking his.

‘Thankfully my mum was able to pick me up and take me to hospital while Vince kept our place in the queue.’

Mr Reeves continued to look at his watch as he edged ever closer to the ticket office, hoping he would make it to the hospital in time for the birth.

As soon as he bought the tickets he jumped in his car and drove the ten minutes to the hospital - arriving just 15 minutes after his wife at about 2.30pm.

Both were delighted Vince had made it to the hospital in time to witness the birth of a healthy 7lb 6oz girl, called Jessica.

Rebecca said: ‘We were both delighted to have made to the hospital in time.

‘The first thing I asked Vince when I saw him was “did you get the tickets?”.

‘The speed I went from contractions to birth was surprisingly quick. I’m delighted I managed to hold on long enough for Vince to get to the hospital.’

Southampton Football Club Executive Chairman Nicola Cortese was so impressed with the couple’s dedication to the team he gave Jessica a life-long season ticket.

He arranged for a teddy bear and body grower to be delivered to the hospital along with a handwritten card.

It said: ‘Dear Rebecca and Vince. Congratulations on your new birth of a little girl. And a warm welcome to our newest Saints fan.’

Vince is now looking forward to teaching his daughter the rules of football but said she will watching the game against Portsmouth on television.

He said: ‘The fact she has a season ticket for life means there’s an extra excuse to go and watch Saints every week.’ Southampton versus Portsmouth has been tipped as the best fifth round tie of the FA cup.

The last time the two teams met was in 2005, when Portsmouth won 4-1.

Troubled Portsmouth are currently bottom of the Premier League and Southampton are challenging for a play-off place in League One.

Relations between the two sets of fans are tense and police are planning extra security around the match.

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