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What If (Tom Lord Alge Mix)


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Honestly, as far as I can see, there are NO differences between the Tom Lord Alge Mix of What If (from the What If Single) and the original What If from X&Y. I loaded the two tracks up side-by-side in a sound editor program, and they looked precisely identical except for two things:

1. The quality seems to be a little bit crisper throughout the Mix compared to the original, and

2. The Mix fades out much slower than the original.


Big image here:






I'm just throwin' this out there, because it's something that's annoyed me for a while. Any thoughts?

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Well, I have both lossless versions (FLAC) and I can hear some difference between the two. The voice of Chris is in the Tom Lord version much more purer and you can hear Will's background singing much better than in the original version.


Although I couldn't call it a "Remix". It's just more fine-tuned I guess.


That's my opinion ;).

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Another find out to add is the tambourine. You can hear the tambourine kicking in from 3:19.

I think it's not a remix neither, it's a different mixing of the sound feeds which features a backing tambourine that adds another level to percussion. Therefore Will's singing is clearer and piano is lowered a bit. Just a different mix I like with tambourine!

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