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Viva la vida - alternative song composition


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Viva la vida alternative song composition

I tried to make it easier and more positive - so I put the Symmetry of London, which at the beginning bring of a massive atmosphere and Yes that is too thick for me.

generally get 3 sections - Aerial first section:


1. Life in technicolor II

2. Glass of the water

3. Lost (piano only)

4. Rainy day

5. Prospekts march and finaly

6. Lovers in Japen/reign of love


wich after Prospekts March takes quite differently - as it should be positive and bright. The problem with the mix of Rainy day - it kind of take their separately from.


Section 2 - English jam:


7.Viva la vida

8. Violet hill

9. Strawberry swing


Section 3 - soft piano sadness with a positive air ending.


10. 42

11. Postcards

12. Deth & All his friends/the escapist


I would really like to keep him not only to me. Maybe someone like this version

How I have it may take by request on rapidshare Viva_La_Vida_or_Death_And_All_His_Friends__alt.zip


p.s. sorry for my english

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that's an interesting looking list you have there.

I've listened to the songs in this order, and it sounds great

Tho, personally, I'd change 42 to Prospekt's march en vice versa, since 42 and death and all his friends have the same progression.

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