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  1. So with little formal training, but having learned this song on piano ages ago through a youtube video, I think the chords are F A# D# D# Cm Gm F A# Cm (this last one could be a D# as well, I like Cm better though)
  2. her favorite sad song's "everything's not lost", but that bit she was talking about his writing process I guess here's the article: http://blog.siriusxm.com/2016/04/14/my-favorite-song-gwyneth-paltrow-says-ex-chris-martins-music-helped-her-cope-with-her-dads-death/
  3. I hear it differently, like he's playing 3 high, 3 low, 1 high. But it's actually a neat idea and would work with the album having it's own code as well. But, I can't make much sense of it when comparing it to the morse alphabet With your dots it would be S E S E S E (?)
  4. yeah no the salt thing was more of a general thing which seems to be in the air and I generally agree with him, Ive lost most of my interest in the band over the past few years, but it's not like they made a mistake with this album. If this is the album the band wanted to make, and they seem to be happy with it, then who are we to tell them they're wrong? I mean if there are things you don't like and you want to discuss them with likeminded peope, sure, I like that even, as long as we're aware they're just our opinions
  5. I strongly believe that getting over something and moving on doesn't include complaining about crap and putting salt into something that many people do enjoy. Now, don't get me wrong, I think there's a truth somewhere behind what you're saying, and the feeling of being let down is sad and all, but you seem to take it like an asshat. If you'd have some respect left for the bad you once loved, you would let them do there thing. However you'd feel about it Also, frankly, (Just had to force that song in there)
  6. Then what? If that's what they want, let them do it, get over it and move on.
  7. I object against the use of 'weak links' instead of 'songs that don't to it for me', since the former makes it sound like fact. also it sort of saddens my heart hearing We Never Change and yes being called a weak links :'(
  8. yeah no I find it neat how different songs can have an impact on different people. And yes, I think that moment is right away my favorite part of the song
  9. I didn't expect paradise among those others =D For me it's probably limited to politik, AROBTTH and the scientist maybe. But the last time is years ago..
  10. I was looking for the bat signal button but still not used to the new layout =D
  11. So I'm an oldplayer by most standards, I love the band's earlier work and actually have barely listened to the last 3 albums. When I first heard ETIAW I felt the same when I saw my highschool crush dancing with some jerk But, If Im like "Aww man I wish she was still into smart handsome sophisticated guys like me" I'd be an incredible douche. If they work together, let them be same goes for the band. Yes it is awesome talking about their older stuff, and share some lesser known b-side trivia, whatever, but this has a whole critical/cynical taste to it. Even though I think "oldplayers"
  12. Ive been reading through a whole bunch of the rankings and Im amazed how much variety there is. I remember it being the same when viva came out, but in my opinion that album was 'stronger' as a whole - I can imagine any one song being someones favorite (regardless of whether you like the album as a whole). I feel different about AHFOD, but looking at these rankings, Im wrong, apparently. That said, I don't really have a one through 11 ranking myself, but when listening I often end up skipping HFTW, AOAL (which is not a bad song actually, just not my thing), and up&up (which sounds like
  13. When your guitar strings aren't too fragile you could always try tuning them up 1 step :) (So F Bb Eb G C F)
  14. Foolishly clicked the spoiler.. Damn curiosity Anyway.. I made this video :) [video=youtube;KnEyP51bUMo]
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