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Buying Coldplay's Clocks Remixes 12" for €20,- (Fair deal?)


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Ok so here I am again, getting my nose in your business but I just can't resist a Coldplay releases question :p


I don't have an average price for this in my Excel file, but I thought that these go on Ebay for less than that. It's not the most rare item out there, but it's not too common either so I think 20 euros is about right, even though sometimes a copy would go throuch Ebay for less. You didn't get ripped off, but look at Ebay more often and you'll find a lot of bargains


If you have more questions like this, don't hesitate to send me a PM, I love answering these :p

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Well I'm rebuilding it from scratch since I'm having too much troubles with the old one. Making a website turns out to be really hard :p

I'm making it in Fireworks now and as soon as I know how to export it in Dreamweaver I'll go online. But it could still take a while :p

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