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Oh no-what's this? I've gotten myself into BIG trouble, now!


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Hey people, I know I've said this one other time on the other board(which, by the way, I still cannot get into), but please bear with me...


Life's tough right now, and with college (and financially helping out every single person I know), I've gotten myself into a mess of a debt!! I know it's not your problem, but what I'm doing now to help me pay for gas to school(and to keep up my payments with little Marvin!) is making these great bracelets/anklets for both guys and girls. Really, I don't charge very much at all for them, and I work a long time to make them between study breaks/minimal sleeping...


I'd really appreciate it if you could go take a look and see if you'd like one.


I just added a new "RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD" Tribute to Coldplay bracelet that I designed using all the colors on the album jacket. I think you might like. :)


The website is http://www.j9records.com/eshop.html


Thanks, all of ya who'll at least take a look... <3 <3 <3 Coldplayers... See any of you in Belfast 23rd October?

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