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UK Government to encourage students to form bands?


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UK Government to encourage students to form bands?


Education Secretary Michael Gove proposes to help young people learn music


The UK government has announced plans to examine measures to help young people learn music instruments.


Education Secretary Michael Gove is putting forward a review of music education which seeks to ensure all students are given the opportunity to learn an instrument.


The independent review, led by Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM, also aims to improve the quality of live music experiences, boost music opportunities both in and out of school and attract more professional musicians to schools.


"All young people should have the chance to learn an instrument, read music and receive top quality music education," Gove said.


"It's a sad fact that too many children in state schools are denied the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. It is simply unfair that the joy of musical discovery should be the preserve of those whose parents can afford it."


The review is expected to make its recommendations before the end of the year.



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There's only one comment on NME so far, and it goes a little bit like this :laugh3:


God i hate Michael Gove, when a slimey faced tory **** he is. Ah well kids!! You parents won't have a job soon and you will be expected to take your own rubbish to the tip but hey at least you can learn to play the trombone, violin or some other middle class instrument
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