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Starting a band!


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Soooo I found this guy at my high school who plays guitar and stuff and I play bass so we decided to start a band together. But right now we are lacking a lead guitarist and a drummer. My friends think its the stupidest idea ever and there in there own band to. There really good, its just I dont know where to start. I mean me and this kid have been practicing for a while now but It hasnt been going anywhere. He wants me to sing to....Im ok but not that great of a singer. Im very passionate about the music though and I feel that it will propel me into be great. But I dont know, its like my dream just to do a gig and prove to my friends that Im really good. Prove to everyone else that I can be something instead of just that kid you know?

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So you need a singer...a lead guitarist AND a Drummer. You'll just have to look, mate. Or you could think...do you actually need a guitarist and a drummer? Do you want to go down the conventional route? Or do you want to do something different?


Why don't you put posters around your high school or ask around and see who plays what?

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