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Limited Edition DVD question


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Just a few questions about the Limited DVD... as I'm confused.


What does it look like (is it a cardboard box thing) and is it non-region coded?


I'm wondering, as I saw a version of the DVD and CD in a cardboard box pack at HMV here in Canada with extra CD-ROM features. I'm unsure whether to get it (as I'm waiting for the Limited Edition), and I don't know if this one is a Limited Edition or another standard one packed differently.


I was sure it was the Limited before :p , but now I've read conflicting details on the appearance of the LE DVD on sites, so it's good to know for sure. :D

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there's a pic of someone's Ltd. Edition dvd in this thread:



I'm still (patiently) waiting for mine. The HMV here said the Ltd Ed hasn't come back yet. Also, this from coldplay.com :


"The DVD  also features a 40 minute Tour Diary documentary, containing intimate behind the scenes footage filmed at various locations around the world (including Los Angeles, Denver, Madrid & London) over the last year. Completing the package is a 12 track live CD album of the concert with Rom section (links and photogallery);  


-->the limited edition special pack also includes exclusive content - Grammys footage, Fair Play acoustic concert footage (with appearances from Ms Dynamite and Noel Gallagher) as well as artwork gallery, screensavers and other extras.


The DVD is available on two formats,  A limited edition special pack and a standard double disc pack made of 100% recycleable packaging.  "

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