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Don't Let It Break Your Heart LEAK?

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I was checking the Coldplay profile at Last.Fm and I was surprised when I saw some comments about Don't Let It Break Your Heart.


The song has already been "scrobbled" and "loved", and have five listeners.


That means that some people is already listening to it.


I just sent a message to one of those listeners, who is now online.


If anyone has information, please share it here. :)


I'm searching a link and I'll post everything I find here.

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well you can just change the title of your song on itunes and then just scrobble that


I don't think someone will to that. You can't get any attention by changing the title of your songs, so, it makes not sense.


But in the other hand, one of those five listeners were fake, so, your idea is not that crazy.

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