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What Micrphones should I buy to record Drums?


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I need to record drums for my band and make them sound as professional as possible.


Kick, Snare, Cymbals are the most important things... Toms I guess would be nice but...


I've only got around 300 dollars to spend. I already have 2 Dynamic Shure Microphones that are very nice. I've got a nice mixer as well.


So what are the best microphones quality/money wise for recoring Kick, Snare, Overheard Cymbals and also some tips on how to set up the mics and how to adjust the settings would be nice :) Thanks.

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I'm using SM57s for my guitar AMP and they're great. As far as I know, they are good for Snare and Toms. You should look for a mic which can record low frequencies for the bassdrum (Shure Beta 52A would probably be a good choice) and two condenser mics as overheads for the cymbals.

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