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  1. iccp

    hey....i like your avatar LOL!

  2. This was my first time seeing Coldplay live and I got front row! Absolutely incredible, the atmosphere was ridiculous. Despite the rain and metro strikes making getting to sunderland an absolute nightmare it was packed out and everybody was happy!
  3. I'm afraid I have changed my name to Rodrigo Nolearez & I like the feel of freshly peeled apples on my tender finger tips. Give me your freshly peeled apples.
  4. Hello everybody my name is Rodrigo Nolearez & I like the feel of freshly peeled apples on my tender finger tips.
  5. Oh ok dere i am awaiting your victorious return :D

  6. Hey duur, been rather busy :( I shall return!

  7. Hey! How's it going! Haven't heard from you in a while :P

  8. Wow, your avatar is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. That's the one. It always amazes me that I break way more E strings tuning them down than B strings tuning them up, & I tune my B string up allot.
  10. Fairly sure I read somewhere that Jonny uses an Eventide preset to get that sound.
  11. MGMT Sigur Ros Mumford & Sons Killswitch Engage Pretty Lights State Radio They're a few I'm really hoping to see this year, especially Mumford & Sons & Pretty Lights, they never fail to amaze me. Really hoping for something new from State Radio too, they haven't released any material since 2009.
  12. Oh hai guyz that said hi to me, few pages late. You lot on speed?
  13. Gotta love it when a song suddenly just enters your head like a swarm of parasites, but good ones, like leaches.
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