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My New Website - Rock Subculture Journal


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Hey All,


Some of you may have read some of my Coldplay concert reviews on my website, the Original Prop Blog (which is really about film and television more than music)... well, this week I've launched a new website that is all about music - the Rock Subculture Journal. I've shifted my music-related articles from the other site over to it, so there is content to read already. :lol:


One big focus will be concert reviews of a variety of bands, so if you have any interest, you are welcome to check it out. I'll be going to lots and lots of concerts throughout the year, so there will be many reviews. I'm also doing a little traveling to other cities (and hopefully countries), so there is always a chance you might run into me. :cool: You never know.


Just in the next week or so, I'll be going to shows by Berlin, Garbage, Elton John, and Florence + The Machine, so lots of reviews coming.


The site is at http://www.RockSubculture.com, or you can click on the link below:






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