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Coldplay Opening Act The Pierces Take Their 'Witchy World' On Tour


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Coldplay Opening Act The Pierces Take Their 'Witchy World' On Tour

'They're coming to see Coldplay but they won't be disappointed,' lead singer Catherine Pierce tells MTV News.




If you're going to see Coldplay's world tour this spring, don't expect a testosterone-filled happy hour. The world-renowned rockers have enlisted the duo known as the Pierces to fill one of the opening-act slots on the first leg of their tour. And it's not difficult to understand how the two Alabama-raised sisters caught the band's attention.


Lead singer Catherine and bass player Allison were brought on board for the tour after Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman produced their most recent album, You & I. Back in 2010, the Pierces teamed up with Coldplay for one night only to play the iTunes music festival in London.


"This will be the first time we've toured with them," Catherine told us.




You may already be familiar with the Pierces' music without even knowing it. Their song "Secret" is used in the opening sequence of the CW series "Pretty Little Liars" as well as Showtime's hit serial killer drama "Dexter." The Pierces also performed the song at a debutante ball in the first season of "Gossip Girl."


"We have a hard time describing our music," Catherine laughed about the band's eclectic sound.


"It's not folk, it's not like pop-pop and it's not rock," Allison said. "It's somewhere in the midst of those three things."


"With a dash of metal," Catherine added with a mischievous smirk.


The Pierces' first U.S. single off of their new album is "You'll Be Mine." The sexy video for the song features the sisters dancing and kissing men in what they describe as a "white, witchy world" setting.


"I think Coldplay's audience will like our music," Catherine predicted. "They're coming to see Coldplay but they won't be disappointed. It's gonna be awesome."


The Pierces will kick off the tour with Coldplay in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on April 17.



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