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"How We See The World" CD Project - Take Two


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Note to Mods: Yes, it's already in the CCC, but I'm still putting it here since not everyone goes there, and might put it in WoM too. Merge at will.


Some on here might remember a few years ago that we released a CD of music by forum members to raise money for Oxfam. I've been hoping to reboot it, but a lot of those members aren't around anymore. If you're an artist or musician who would like to be a part of it, please check out this thread and offer some feedback. There's also a stickied thread in the Coldplaying Charity Club forum with all the old info.


Yes, it's that thing in my sig,lol.:D




And here the MySpace with some of the music, bios and info about the project:



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Later in the process, we'll be looking for album art. Last time we have several submissions and we voted for the best.


If you want to get involved, subscribe to this thread for now:




And if you want to hear your site owner's lovely voice, go to http://www.myspace.com/howweseetheworld . Check out the song entitled Stille Wateren/CCC Promo' it's the PSA for Oxfam we pupt at the end of the first CD.


If you're a musician interested, please PM me info & mp3 links


And thanks so much, everyone for your interest in re-kindling this!:D

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A couple of us in the instrument room/on facebook are working on some stuff. Maybe we could put it toward this?


That would be amazing! A couple of musicians from the first one ended up colaborating after it was done. I love the internet!:D


It's really ambitious, but I'd love to see the Coldplay band get together and create something too...just dreaming though. There's no hurry for anything. Like the first one, it will happen as it happens. :)


And just a note: All material submitted must be original or public domain. No covers!

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