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Coldplay Live at Glastonbury 2000 Painting by Kurt Jackson


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Hi all.


My Dad has a painting of Coldplay when they played at Glastonbury Festival on The Other Stage in 2000, painted by Glastonbury's in house painter Kurt Jackson. He's also painted many other bands and various paintings. He did a Friends Of The Earth auction and raised £80,000 for charity! This one of Coldplay has been valued by various auction houses at around £20,000.


If anyone's interested in buying it, please do message me or email on [email protected].


I know most people on here probably aren't interested in hearing about people trying to sell stuff, but it's quite a valuable, rare picture that only real Coldplay fans would really be interested in.


For a bit of extra trivia... I seem to remember it being used as the front cover for the Glastonbury Necklace Programs for Glastonbury 2002 too!


Many thanks.





There are some images if you look here...


https://sites.google.com/site/ coldplay glastonbury kurt jackson/ (as one word)

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