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  1. *scrolls through the critics and comments* Doesn't matter what Coldplay does, they always get shat on. ALWAYS. It's like people have a hard-on for being: "FIRST!1 Okay I hate Coldplay now give me a headpat mhyes please!" LOL Anyways I think this album has a few BANGER songs that never get boring to listen to, and of course bad songs ("Biutyful" would be indeed Biutyful if there wasn't a chipmunk screaming into my ear. OH WELL) Overall I think the album is fantastic in terms of throwing out messages about humanity, togetherness and life appreciation, but having become a Coldplay
  2. Oh wow okay, that song brought me back to viva times, because that "ole ole!" and the melody TOTALLY reminds me of this: Also the piano at the end, WHAT DOES IT REMIND ME OF? It seems sooo familiar, it's annyoing!
  3. Okay you know what? It has been 39429 years since the last time I took part in this and I MISS YE OLDEN TIMES so yes COUNT ME IN AS WELL
  4. Same dude, it has been one of my dreams for Coldplay to go ambient and listening to all these previews makes me go all TINGLY. Coldplay can build amazing soundscapes so if they go ambient, they're gonna go hard 😍

    Just wanted to say that I'm getting extreme nostalgic vibes seeing all the old peeps still hanging around here :wacky:

    1. Coeurli


      Hellooooo :dazzled: isn't it wonderful :awesome: 

    2. Batman


      IT IS!! 😄

  6. THANKS MY DUDE who would have thought that after 15 friggn years I'm still as invested in this band as ever dhdfhdf
  7. aaAAAHHH they're still as adorable as back in the days UGH (also hello )
  8. Batman

    rudy_o thread

    Same old, same old, just living the Starving Artist Life™ NAAW THANK YOU My humor is one of the two things that keep me going. The other one is sleep lmao YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY BOI Yeah ok let's just say this forum has place close up to my shriveled heart and I will always come back :3 This forum has heritage quality, it's a very valuable archive at this point and it offers very interesting and important insights into the band's and fandom's history. Alone for that reason it's very important to keep it online. What I REALLY dislike about most soci
  9. Batman

    rudy_o thread

    LOL Yeah I guess we will never get back to crazy 2008/2009 times where we had like 300 new posts per minute. AH THE NOSTALGICA. Also HELLO EVERYONE WHO'S STILL ALIVE
  10. HELLO FREN I honestly only crawled out of my hole because this new album isn't particularly amazing but has some GOOD messages. and I'm always here when things get gay lolsurprise
  11. Maybe it's just my gay goggles going bonkers over this song, but DAMN the connections would be too convinient hahaha. Maybe he knows some of Tchaikovsky's songs but not the componist's name? Happened to me too often
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