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    Just wanted to say that I'm getting extreme nostalgic vibes seeing all the old peeps still hanging around here :wacky:

    1. Coeurli


      Hellooooo :dazzled: isn't it wonderful :awesome: 

    2. Batman


      IT IS!! 😄

  2. THANKS MY DUDE who would have thought that after 15 friggn years I'm still as invested in this band as ever dhdfhdf
  3. aaAAAHHH they're still as adorable as back in the days UGH (also hello )
  4. Batman

    rudy_o thread

    Same old, same old, just living the Starving Artist Life™ NAAW THANK YOU My humor is one of the two things that keep me going. The other one is sleep lmao YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY BOI Yeah ok let's just say this forum has place close up to my shriveled heart and I will always come back :3 This forum has heritage quality, it's a very valuable archive at this point and it offers very interesting and important insights into the band's and fandom's history. Alone for that reason it's very important to keep it online. What I REALLY dislike about most soci
  5. Batman

    rudy_o thread

    LOL Yeah I guess we will never get back to crazy 2008/2009 times where we had like 300 new posts per minute. AH THE NOSTALGICA. Also HELLO EVERYONE WHO'S STILL ALIVE
  6. HELLO FREN I honestly only crawled out of my hole because this new album isn't particularly amazing but has some GOOD messages. and I'm always here when things get gay lolsurprise
  7. Maybe it's just my gay goggles going bonkers over this song, but DAMN the connections would be too convinient hahaha. Maybe he knows some of Tchaikovsky's songs but not the componist's name? Happened to me too often
  8. WHUAT how can you not know this famous componist! D: Yes, if you don't know the roman empire was pro queer, and Tchaikovsky had several secret gay romances, I find the song somewhat random in those aspects. But Chris is also singing about flags "You don't need no flags to tell you who you are " I just think about the Pride Flag and how it's still necessary to show people that queers are also humans. So all these three aspects combined all share the same "secret" message and I love that :D And concluding: "And I just love you for yourself " I LIKE THIS SONG AND ITS MESSAGE VERY MUCH
  9. Anyone else getting strong pro LGTBQ+ vibes from the song (Pyotr Tchaikovsky was gay after all)? Anyways this should have totally been on the album IMHO.
  10. I think the album has a very small amount of songs that are strong enough to lift my rating of: "What a mess of audio snippets/NOO DON'T RUIN THE SONG WITH RANDOM SHIT/bland guitar tracks" to "It's better than the last two albums but still requires several re-listens to finally sound good" I'm already planning on heavily editing several songs once I get my audio software running LOL. I really dislike how there are so many REALLY ANNOYING soundbites in there that mess up the whole thing. Also a lot of them don't add anything to the overall quality. Anyways. I'm still satisfied
  11. Oooh I like this choir piece. Unfortunately I can't understand a word T__T
  12. *reads song title* *LAUGHS IN GAY* please tell me I'm not the only one hhhh
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