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why hello there


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Hii my name is abby and im 15. I came on here to make friends and to tallk about coldplay. Talk to me!

PM me, or skype or kik me! (My username is abbyww1 on both.)

Some random ass facts about me lol;

My favorite album is viva la vida and i love chris just as much as breathing air. I love music. I can play piano and aucostic guitar. I like to sing but i suck. I hate tv unless im watching and tlc shit or the x factor. (CARLY ROSE SONECLAR FAN) lol just had to put that out there :laugh3: . I love my laptop. I have a tumblr, i go on A LOT. http://Www.pe4santworld.tumblr.com . ((Ik, like anyones actually gonna go on itt)). I have a instagram, @abbyww1. Ill followed back if you PM me on here telling me(: . Im half british. My dad lived there until he met my mom at age 20(: i go to england as mucn as i can, which means ive only been four times, but let me tell you. Its fucking amazing. I would move there in a heartbeat. :) (hope that made all you brits out there smile).


Not everyones perfect. Im tired of people blending in and not sticking out. I love vintage clothes and im not gonna let anyone change that. I hate douchebags so if you are one, fuck off. Anyone sincere out there, message me. Ill answer. I promise.


(Haha sorry this is so long btw)

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