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Coldplay at a funeral?

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Hey Guys,


This is Nathon, AKA the guy behind the Car Kids parody:)


Unfortunately, this topic is a bit more serious.


I never intended on writing this post, or even having something to share from last Sunday. But by pure chance, by 12-year-old nephew captured a video of me singing "Us Against The World" at my grandmothers funeral.


Rather than being offensive, I was actually surprised to see that the video did a decent job of capturing the moment. As always, these occasions never come at a good time, and the whole decision to sing was last minute. When I heard news of my grandmothers passing, singing this song helped me deal with those feelings, and thats why I chose to sing it that day.


My reason for sharing this video is very simple. I know there are many musicians here who will face the same decision that I did: "Is singing Coldplay at a funeral appropriate?"


Having the opportunity to honor someone's life is quite a daunting responsibility. For me, the lyrics of "Us Against The World" seemed very uplifting. Based on the reaction, I feel I made the right choice.


If I can help one person with this video, then it will be worth it. I simply leave this video/thread for anybody to search for in the future.





P.S. Although you can hear me, nobody is seen in this video because the camera was respectfully pointed down.



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