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Analysis of "Fix You"


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Astrology might not be directly related to your post, however, some of the writings do reflect a "general tendency" of a typical Virgo Rising [Pisces DC conjunct sun as well indicated by his natal chart]...On the other hand, I would like to keep it as a music-listening experience [i think the energy of Coldplay's music/"deeds" have connected with many and it is one kind of the best by my knowledge/experience - if put it in astrology, I think it is Neptune] rather than sth. else on a public music-oritented forum [in Zane Lowe's interview, it seems the "intro/retrospections" have begun to "drive" him to search...]. If there is anything "personal", I wish him a spiritual growth beyond "personality level"; to some extent, beyond astrological configurations as well.


It is an interesting topic, as Co.'s music "communicates" in a rich emotional/psychological [or spiritual, depends on the individual for sure] way.

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