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Ghost Stories Digital Copy Give Away


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Will, this past week I finally got my Vinyl Copy of Ghost Stories (

), and I notices that it can with the Digital Copy wow, but I already have a Digital Copy on iTunes so I don't need it. so I decided to give it away here.


Well I owe Coldplaying a lot, why? because the forums have the most coolest and nicest group of people I have ever since, helping each other when needed, coming up cool Ideas, and the recording of live shows. I got my Xyloband here from some one in Canada and I got some confetti from France, which I am very thankful. I am very quite on the forums, I rare say anything but do my best to help out here. so thanks to everyone.

And Now The Contest



-Its only one copy

-it only for the USA and maybe Canada (I don't know if it works anywhere else in the world, if it dose work in any country let me know, if not sorry :( )

-No cheating and be fair

-starts now till Monday at 11:50 pm PST


What To Do

-Just show off your Coldplay Collection, it dosent matter if its big or small, homemade or you bought it just show it off

that's it


Winner will be announce on any time on Tuesday



its my first give away so be patient with me ok lol



14313418922_de444ec424.jpgIMG_1500 by Adrian4855, on Flickr

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