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One of my favorite Coldplay Chord progressions that gets little attention


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This is the chord progression from the verses of "Don't let it break your heart" Not played on guitar on the record if I recall, but sounds great on any instrument (well any polyphonic instrument, it'd be tough to pull off on a tuba or something). It's Bsus4 / Bmaj/D# / G#min11 / E sus2. I think it's kind of genius.

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It's a good one right? Many songwriting "experts" claim that there aren't truly original chord progressions or that chords are not as important as melody. Last part maybe true somewhat, but some of Chris Martins' progressions are just plain original and not overly complex, but amazing. Just figured out "O" on the piano, it's another one. So good, and not contained within a major or minor key.

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